Donation from PM-International will be used for protective gear and supply centers

Prime Minister Tobias Hans thanks the Sorg family of the family-owned company PM-International AG for their financial support: “On behalf of the government of the Saarland, I would like to thank the Sorg family from Luxembourg most sincerely for their extraordinarily generous donation of 250,000 Euros to help us cope with this exceptional situation. Such great support across state borders cannot be taken for granted”.

The donation will be used by the state government to purchase additional protective gear and to set up supply centers in the districts, with the Saarland Ministry of Health taking the lead.

Health Minister Monika Bachmann thanks the Sorg family: “The current situation is a big challenge for society, our country and Europe as a whole. At the same time, we are experiencing an unprecedented solidarity across Europe and worldwide. The generous donation by the Sorg family is a prime example of how solidarity overcomes borders. I would like to express my sincere thanks for this extraordinary support. The sum will directly contribute to overcoming the exceptional situation in Saarland.”

As part of the “PM helps” initiative, the family-owned company has committed to donate a sum of 1 million Euros to help overcome the coronavirus pandemic and support people who are severely affected by the current situation.

“In the current situation, solidarity is key. With our donation we would like to support those who provide health care and help others day after day. The more people and companies act, the stronger we will emerge from this situation”, says Charity Ambassador of PM-International Vicki Sorg.

Source: Press Release by the Saarland Ministry of Health, April 24, 2020,

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